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Global Furniture Alliance prides itself on the continual sourcing of high-quality products. In the unusual event of there
being a fault with a product, our service policy is clear, comprehensive and ensures that our customer is fully protected
from the date of purchase.

  • We offer a 1 year warranty on our products and 2 years on electrical components from date of delivery (from GFA to you or direct to your customer). The warranty is between GFA and our retailers. The warranty will only cover manufacturing faults and will not cover wear and tear, onward delivery damage, accidental damage or product misuse. If you can provide a signed POD to show the date you deliver an item on to your customer, we will accept this as the start of the warranty period.

  • All service requests should be reported in writing, by fax on 01291 645099, e-mail to or by post, 
    for the attention of our service department. The following information must be provided to further your service 
    complaint – original order number, your reference number, GFA batch number (located on the underside of the item), 
    chair name and colour, delivery address and fault details including images and/or videos where possible which will 
    help report all issues to the factories.

  • Most faults are easily resolved by the provision of a new part and we carry new spare parts for all of our models.
    Subject to stock, we will supply spare parts quickly, usually dispatching them within 72 hours from the notification of
    the fault. It is not always possible to obtain replacement parts that colour match the product, although every effort is
    made to control the colours, and variation in shades can sometimes occur between batches. However, Service
    requests will only be processed if the sales order/invoice related has been paid in full.

  • Please always liaise with our service department before ordering a replacement item, as a new replacement part will
    almost always resolve the issue very quickly, without compromising the quality of the product.

  • If you choose to appoint an upholsterer to examine, report and fit any replacement parts, we would ask you to
    forward us an estimate and obtain an authorisation number from us, before any payment is agreed. We will give just
    consideration to any request for contributions for work carried out to resolve a problem, with a ceiling of £25.00 per
    item. Please note that most of our products are self-assembly and most replacement parts are easy to fit and may not
    require the services of a technician to do so.

  • On occasions where GFA have appointed a technician, should the outcome result in a non-manufacturing fault/customer misuse/invalid claim, we will forward the charge of this visit to yourselves.

  • GFA legally have the right to repair any reported faults on our products in the first instance. Where a problem cannot 
    be resolved by replacing parts, GFA will give due consideration to either giving a monetary allowance or alternatively 
    replacing the defective item. This must be liaised with GFA before agreeing with your customer to a replacement.

  • In the unlikely event that a replacement product is required, we will supply the item ASAP, subject to stock and lead
    times. We require the faulty item to be boxed and ready for collection within 14 days or this will be cancelled and no
    credit given. No credit will be issued until the item is received into GFA and our technicians have thoroughly

  • Customers are reminded that the fittings for our swivel chairs should be tightened every 3 months, using the Allen key 
    provided in the assembly pack.

  • We ask you to refer to our Upholstery Care Guide to maintain the product in the best condition.

  • Please note that we strive to handle all service issues quickly and efficiently once all relevant information has been 
    received, and will make every effort to ensure that you and your customers are completely satisfied with the service 
    you receive from GFA.

  • For models with USB port facilities we do not recommend use any of uncertified cables, which could result in
    overheating or potential fire hazards. Cables must also be clear of all moving components to avoid damage. No cable
    ties should be cut unless specified in the assembly instructions.

  • GFA will not be held responsible for any misuse and will result in the invalidation of the warranty if these guidelinesare not followed.

This does not affect your statutory rights.

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